lilac_mums (lilac_mums) wrote in empathy_sucks,

I forgot

While searching through LJ this morning I remembered I had been in this community for awhile.. left.. and now I think I'd like to relate a brief experience that might make some sense.

My husband is going through a lot of life changes - which is absolutely nothing new. Our daughter is going through many changes as well - again that is nothing new.

But last night my sister was able to drop in at the end of her vacation. She and her husband joined us for dinner. The house smelled wonderful from the roast simmering in the oven and I had a nice dinner planned. My husband awakened from a late afternoon nap and was so crabby.. it only took one un-kind snappish word from him to me.. and I had trouble breathing the rest of the evening. I could not include myself in the conversation.. no words would come out of my mouth. The entire evening, from my perspective, was ruined. There are moments in our lives we cannot get back. My sister is in poor health and I treasure any time we can be together and enjoy the company.

When he is like this - and it doesn't take much - I feel that all the air has left the room. The negative energy is overwhelming.

Is this a common thing among adults in general.. or am I just too receptive?
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